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Oct 6, 2012 10:00am EDT
. >> this is the moment when jim lehrer said, tell me your vision of government. i wanted the narrative of, look, i have done a great job, here's my accomplishments. but you know what, if i had been given the ability to do more on stimulus, if we could have pushed harder, then in fact we'd be in an even better place rather than, as a president, he brought up the deficit first. >> it was frustrating that he did not mention any of the tremendous obstructionism that he has faced, especially when mitt romney was talking about when i was in massachusetts, when i was governor. i so wish the president had just looked at him and said you have not been president. you have plot been where i have been. that's small potatoes to what i am doing. >> although maybe he can't. i will say, you know, as i was watching, i kept going back and forth. maybe he can't say you know what, you guys block me. part of what he's doing in a presidential debate is to demonstrate -- is being presidential. >> remember that one of romney's talking points in his own favor was that he was the republican governor of massachuset
Oct 7, 2012 7:00am PDT
, racism, jim crowe. they will had impacts. lbj in the '60s is saying how do we move forward? you can't let the shackles down and think we have equality. you have to work to make equality. that's where the concept was rooted initially. >> this notion though of a reparation or repair tiff as foekt affirmative action goes away in michigan. the michigan cases which are ultimately up for debate now, tell us about those. >> absolutely. there are two rationales under the constitution, one is the immediate -- the other one is the diversity rationale. there's been a movement away from the remedial rationale towards the diversity rationale. harvard law professor says it's a better move because it makes people, minority groups, look like they are burying gifts rather than grievances which this language that i love. like she does, i feel like we've moved too far from the remedial aspiration. but you're exactly right. once we get to the michigan case, 2003 case we have the diversity rationale being asserted by the university of michigan law school. the united states supreme court for the first time uph
Sep 30, 2012 10:00am EDT
manager jim messina who said this year, "we're going to be making 2008 on the ground look like jurassic park." i don't think he means dinosaurs per se. in other words, that's on the ground. where the obama for america folks aim to knock on 150% more doors than in the 2008 election. but how will they mobilize those. what if those people who aren't home and don't pick up the phone when a volunteer calls? the key is technology, social media, twitter, facebook, instagram, google plus. the list goes on and on. when it comes to evolving technologies, ask myspace. you adapt or you get out. just because the obama folks had it figured out when they faced john mccain four years ago, do they still have it figured out? naturally, republican mitt romney's campaign doesn't think so. his digital director recently told the tech news site "i think they're used to the 2008 model where nobody was matching them. but it's a mistake of the obama campaign to underestimate us." what campaigns presidential and otherwise are the most tech savvy? and how will that advantage translate into votes in the ne
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)